Spicy Shredded Beef Sandwich (tchiktay)

16 people as appetizers


-          2 cups onions chopped

-          1 cups pepper chopped

-          1 lbs beef cooked and shredded beef

-          1, 8 oz jar Ay! Ti Manman Mango Pikliz

-          1 hot peppers sliced thinly

-          2 tablespoons of olive oil

-          Juice from 1 juicy limes





1.    Add oil and heat up pot

2.    Add hot peppers, stir

3.    Add peppers

4.    Add onions

5.    Add meat

6.    Add lime

7.    Stir and let mix while stirring for 7 minutes on low heat

8.    Stir in pikliz

SSTS (Spicy, Sweet, Thick & Smooth) Dip


This is a way to use your Ay! Ti Manman Mango pikliz as a dip for items that can’t easily pick up the onions, peppers and mangos slices, e.g. motzarella sticks.

Makes approximately 6 servings

Ingredient List

-          8 oz jar of of Ay! Ti Manman

-          ½ purple cabbage

-          ½ teaspoon of salt

-          4 oz of vinegar

-          1 cored habanero or goat pepper (optional) (keep the seeds if you can handle the heat)


Tools You’ll Need

-          Large Spoon

-          Blender

-          Serving Bowl


1.    Add ingredients into blender, blend until a chunky applesauce like texture. You may have to stop the blender and push some of the contents down with a wooden spoon. 

2.    Pour into serving bowl and use freely as dip

**Make sure to thoroughly clean your blender with diluted bleach and boiling water or your next smoothie will smell like habanera.