Ancestor’s Dip

Looking for a kid friendly, fun food? Or something great for groups. Look no further than this fun party dip. Perfect for gatherings, a little heavy for a weekly snack, but great for an occasional snack.

*Please note that all of the content of the moonshine in the sauce burns out, so no need for concern when serving it to children. 

Serving: 10-12 hungry kids or 6-8 hungry adults


-          16 oz. Sauce Zansèt

-          1 8 oz. package Mexican cheese (if you can’t find a pre-mix, you can also use, any mix of cheese, we like mozzarella and sharp cheese)

-          2 stick packages of cream cheese

-          1 lbs. of seasoned and cooked ground beef (optional)



1.    In an oven-safe dish put one layer of cream cheese, 1-layer option ground beef, 1 layer of Sauce, 1 layer of cheese.

2.    Cover with aluminum foil and heat in oven at 350 F for 25 minutes without meat, and 35 minutes with meat.

3.    If opting to use a microwave, pop in and heat on high in 2 minute intervals until cheese is completely melted.

Italy Meets Haiti Bruschetta


A Caribbean spin on an Italian classic. Great for appetizers and for a drinking side.


Makes approximately 5 servings

 Ingredient List

-          2 lbs. fresh firm tomatoes (whatever is in season)

-          1/2 fresh onion

-          4 cloves fresh garlic

-          1 bunch fresh basil

-          4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

-          Sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

-          1 Long Italian bread or baguette

-          6 oz.  of Nan Tout Sòs

Tools You’ll Need

-          Cutting board

-          Sharp knife

-          Large Bowl

-          1 Mason Jar

-          Large Serving Plate

-          Skillet, oven, or toaster


1.    Dice tomatoes, onions, and garlic, try and not squish them in the process, add to bowl

2.    Cut basil into a chiffonade and add to bowl

3.    Add virgin olive oil, Nan Tout Sòs into mason jar and shake vigorously

4.    Add mixture, salt, and ground pepper to bowl and toss

5.    Pop the bowl into the refrigerator covered for at least 30 minutes to get really soaked in flavor

6.    Slice bread horizontally thinly enough to bite

7.    Toast bread lightly until slight hard. Day old, or a couple days old bread works best.

8.    When ready to serve, scoop tomato mixture onto toasted bread

9.    Optional: heat the completed bruschetta bites a little bit in the oven if you want a warmer flavor

10.  Add to serving plate

11.  Enjoy!