Passion Toast


This is a great breakfast item, or desert with ice cream on the side.

Servings: 5 servings (4 halves of a roll for each person)

-          3 eggs

-          1.5 tsp cinnamon

-          ½ tsp Vanilla essence

-          6 oz. Nan Tout Sòs

-          4 oz. of Sweetened condensed milk

-          4 oz. milk (if you use evaporated milk, be sure to add 4 oz. of filtered water)

-          2 tbsp. of butter

-          10 rolls, sliced in the middle


1.    Mix all ingredients, except bread into bowl and eggs, beat vigorously for 2 minutes.

2.    Beat eggs separately then add to mixture and whisk together until blended smoothly. If you feel the consistency is too thick, feel free to add water

3.    Let sit in fridge or on ice for 15 minutes.

4.    Soak each halve of bread in mixture before toasting it on both sides on a skillet.

5.    Serve hot, topped with cane or maple syrup.

6.    For desert cut into squares, heat up and put stick into ice cream of your choice.

*depending on the sweetened condensed milk, you might have a bit of an aftertaste. Try switching out the brand to get a more desirable smooth finish, or decrease the sweetened condensed milk and replace with evaporated milk, add in some sugar to balance on the tartness.