Haitian Chili

Spice up your chili recipe by substituting whatever you use as tomato sauce with our Sauce Zansèt, or follow our recipe here. Chili freezes great and feeds many people. One big pot is perfect if you have a huge group of people to feed and not a lot of time to baby-sit a meal.

Serving size: 12 bowls of chili



-          1, 16 oz bottle of Sauce Zansèt

-          1 lbs. ground beef seasoned with salt and pepper

-          2 cups of chopped onions

-          1 cup of chopped peppers

-          1 cup of fresh diced tomatoes

-          ½ cup of okra with the heads chopped off

-          1 cup slightly cooked beans (keep the water from the boiled beans)

-          2 cups of rice

-          3.5 cups water, (use beans water if you have it, otherwise, cooking water is fine)

-          1 tablespoon oil

-          ½ cup of shredded cheese (optional)


1.    In one massive pot, heat up the oil until hot.

2.    Add onions and peppers and sauté until they are slightly cooked.

3.    Add beef, and let sit covered for about 5-7 minutes stirring occasionally until its fully browned.

4.    Drain excess fat from beef, if your purchased a very lean cut, then you might not have any.

5.    Add okra and rice to meat and turn for about 3 minutes, allowing meat oils to coat the okra and rice.

6.    Add Sauce Zansèt and turn mixture.

7.    Add beans.

8.    Add chicken stock.  

9.    Bring to a low simmer.

10.  Cover pot on low heat for 25 minutes.

11.  Check pot and ensure that the excess water is thick and flavorful. That the rice is cooked. Let cook longer if rice is not fully cooked. Add salt and pepper as needed to your liking.

12.  Add tomatoes and stir, they are added at the end to ensure that they balance out the savory taste of the chili.