Ancestor’s Dip

Looking for a kid friendly, fun food? Or something great for groups. Look no further than this fun party dip. Perfect for gatherings, a little heavy for a weekly snack, but great for an occasional snack.

*Please note that all of the content of the moonshine in the sauce burns out, so no need for concern when serving it to children. 

Serving: 10-12 hungry kids or 6-8 hungry adults


-          16 oz. Sauce Zansèt

-          1 8 oz. package Mexican cheese (if you can’t find a pre-mix, you can also use, any mix of cheese, we like mozzarella and sharp cheese)

-          2 stick packages of cream cheese

-          1 lbs. of seasoned and cooked ground beef (optional)



1.    In an oven-safe dish put one layer of cream cheese, 1-layer option ground beef, 1 layer of Sauce, 1 layer of cheese.

2.    Cover with aluminum foil and heat in oven at 350 F for 25 minutes without meat, and 35 minutes with meat.

3.    If opting to use a microwave, pop in and heat on high in 2 minute intervals until cheese is completely melted.