Our Artisanal Space or Pi Piti Pi Rèd

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit our space in Croix-des-Bouquets, you’ve seen our process in action. We like to use the Haitian phrase to describe it, “pi piti pi rèd.” Essentially small, but mighty. Our production space is separated into four rooms, and five spaces. Our process is largely by hand, which is why we call it “craft” or “artisanal.”

Our process starts outside where we sort the ingredients and wash them with 2-4 different soaks depending on whether the ingredient are still covered in dirt and/or have a hard or soft skin. Then we bring them in sanitized into the production space where the first room is for cutting them up, pureeing etc. The second room is where they are weighed and measure and brought into the third final processing room. In the processing room is where products are cooked and pasteurized.

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We pasteurize our cooking sauces and iced teas. This essentially means that they are heated up to a very high level and then brought down to room temperature quickly.  This process yields a preservation of 18 months.

Our hot sauces are hot filled, which means they are boiled for a certain amount of time and filled directly into hot bottles and capped while still hot. This process yields a preservation of 3 years.

Our cocktails are cold filled, in a room separate fermentation room. Cold filled just means they are filled into sanitized bottles and the alcohol is what maintains the ability to safely consume.

 So now begets the question, when are you visiting us? Email us at info@myabel.ht to arrange group tours.