10 Fun Tidbits about MyaBèl Craft Cocktails

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1.       Wine as a hostess gift is SO 2016!

Why bring wine to a party, when you can bring a cocktail?  


2.       Bring the bar to you!

For those days when traffic is just too much, and you still want a craft cocktail. No need to go further than your cupboard.

When traffic looks like this...

When traffic looks like this...


3.       Crafted by hand with attention to detail.

Each cocktail is made with liqueurs that are produced in our facility in Croix-des-Bouquets using the freshest ingredients. We carefully soak various tea leaves, fruit and herbs to bring you the cleanest notes of flavor.

Wild Mint Brewing in preparation for Boukan Bou. 

Wild Mint Brewing in preparation for Boukan Bou. 


4.       We create jobs!

Did you know that as part of our long-term export strategy we’ve grouped 50 farmers and acquired several hectors of land to farm. Job creation, job creation, job creation!

5.       We are planting items not normally commercially farmed in Haiti.

Clearly, no contest, Haiti has the best tasting fruit on earth. But very little of it is commercially farmed. We are growing our market, so we can then on the back-end encourage commercial production of ingredients like black berries and cloves.



6.       Great conversation starter.

You know that little charm around the bottle of our craft cocktails? It’s made in Villages Noailles in Croix-des-Bouquets from upcycled metal oil drums. Crafted by hand using 4 primitive tools. The charm on the 750ML bottle, doubles as a bottle opener.  Also, the label is a photograph of a gingerbread house, capturing one of the many essences of Haiti. Next time you gift someone a MyaBèl, you have so many conversation starters!

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7.       Full of healthy ingredients.

Blackberries, wild mint, spearmint, cloves, coconuts, almonds, and the list goes on. We are stocked to the brim with nature’s vitamins.

8.       Better than a tchotchke souvenir.

Next time you travel abroad and want to bring a Haiti item to a guest’s house, why not bring something more unique?

9.       Natural ingredients.

Our cocktails are minimally processed. Ever notice that our “Tomazo” coconut, almond craft cocktail turns pink? Well it is because it is so minimally processed that he aging coconut gives off a pink hue.

10.   It is delicious!

The last one should be OBVIOUS. If you aren’t convinced, pop over to our sales locations and go for a test drive.