Interview with Le National

We just did our first cooking demonstration with our newly branded line.

Le national, a new-ish newspaper in Haiti with an accompanying TV show on Pacific broadcasted in P-a-P and Miami.

We took the crew around to three locations in Croix-des-Bouquets (our hometown). First, we visited Tou Kayiman (the hole of the crocodiles), a semi-swamp that at one point housed several crocodiles and flamingos. Second, we took them to Sous Zabeth. A naturally occurring spring that is pretty much the pace to be and be seen on a hot day. Lastly, we went to Villages Noailles, a small artisan village that crafts art from recycled steel drums. You’ll notice all of our cocktail bottles have a trinket hanging off of them, this is the work of artisans of Villages Noailles.

Check out the pictures below.