Color-Gate – Natural Products Change Colors!

You might buy a Boukan Bou today and next week buy one and happen to have a little bit left in the cabinet and notice that the colors aren’t exactly the same. You’ll also notice that some days our Tomazo will be a pink in color and some days clear. Or you’ll notice that Nan Tout Sòs today is a little darker than other days.

Well, mystery solved, no we haven’t changed our formula, but natural products change colors throughout the seasons! Even as much as within the same season. For example, two natural passion fruits harvested at the same time from the same vine, might be different in hue.  We’ve made the choice to not add any additives, stabilizers or colorants to our products, just good ol’ natural Haiti goodness.

For most of products the hue will change slightly from darker to lighter, but stay within the same shade.


Our Tomazo on the other hand is the most interesting. You might not know this, but because of the phenol and the antioxidants in coconut water, it can actually turn pink over time. I know what you are thinking, “but I’ve never cracked a coconut open and seen a pink color,” and honestly neither have we, when we fill our bottles, the color is actually clear. But over-time, minimally processed coconut water turns a light-to-dark pink hue. So, relax, it hasn’t gone bad, it’s just mother nature giving you a pink colored valentine early.


Drink the Rainbow and enjoy MyaBèl. 

MyaBel Rainbow