Lights, Camera, Action – It’s Photo shoot Day!

It’s photoshoot day! After weeks of planning, developing creative briefs, speaking with photographers and videographers, finding models. Photoshoot Day is finally here!!

Our models, are mostly friends that have agreed to fake laugh, pose awkwardly to get the best lighting, and day drink all in the name of good marketing! We are shooting at three locations all in our wonderful hometown, Croix-des-Bouquets: 1) a factory that produces moonshine (Klerèn); 2) the green blue waters of Lake Azeui, and 3) our restaurant.  

Our first location was a little challenging, because the DIVA of the shot, the two oxen that held the sugar cane cart up, just WERE NOT cooperating. We think the fame has gone to their heads, and we won’t be renewing their contracts.  After a few “heeeyyy” and “wooaaahhh” (this is how they give the oxen instructions), they relaxed and cooperated. Our second shot was smoother, the lighting was great, at the white sand beach of the brackish water lake. If you didn’t know, you’d think that it was the ocean.

Lastly, we completed the day with a partaayyy at MyaBèl.  

Shout out to our photographer, Patrice Douge, check him out here and our videographer, Rudmarck Decimus check him out here.

Stay tuned for our billboards, Instagram videos, and commercials.